Linggo, Agosto 19, 2012

i love you with all my hypothalamus

When we love someone we can't just keep quiet. To express that feeling is natural and pleasing. Praises, legitimate praises, freely emanate from our hearts. Often conscious of the looks, the clothes, and other personality facets of the object of our tender feelings. Some of us become poets in our attempts to release our special emotions.     Everytime we talk about love, heart goes eventually. Does the heart really matter on what we feel? Why do others follow the palpitation of their heart and not for the command of ther brain? Actually, this is not true. You are in love, it is not because of your heart. Heart only pumps our blood. It circulates our blood in our body and there's nothing between heart annd love. The only scientific explanation between our hearts with love is our heartbeats. Whenever we see our love one we feel tense, eventually the pressure of our blood moves faster at the same time heartbeats increase. There is nothing about heart and love, what really matters is our HYPOTHALAMUS.      Hypothalamus is a part of our brain, located below the thalamus and including the pituary gland, contains centers for regulating body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, perspiration and other functions controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The heart beats faster because of our hypothalamus. We become conscious in everything, we even become poets and show special attention to others because of our hypothalamus. Without or hypothalamus, human being will never experience to love and to be loved in return. Hypothalamus is essential for our emotions or feelings. Those things, which are called heart feelings, should be change and called hypothalamus feelings.     Through this, you may determine lovers who really inspire loving you. If I were you, instead of saying " I love you with all my heart" I would rather say " I love you with all my hypothalamus" because it is the fact

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